Stubborn- this is how you can describe the excess body fat. With age, losing that extra fat becomes a herculean task. The world has looked up to India for solutions, even when it is an issue of weight management. Fortunately, the world has found its answer in the form of Ayurveda, one of the most ancient and effective sciences known to humans of today.
Ayurveda is an ancient science the focus of which strictly lies on balancing the body's life energies, namely vata, kapha and pitta,instead of focusing on individual symptoms. As a result, Ayurveda workds in a way that helps in bringing the body to its natural weight. Not only that, Ayurveda has its lasting effects of calmness, relaxation and of balance.

The age old techniques used in Ayurveda are capable of directly targeting the exercise-resistant fat by way of strengthening your digestive system. This very capability is one of the biggest differences between the conventional methods and the ayurvedic weight loss techniques including weight loss medicine.

These techniques, which focus on identifying the reasons that augment your fat cells and then work continuously towards rectifying them, have proved their worth since thousands of years. They can be performed daily without any of cause of worry or probability of harm.
Weight loss Medicine
Ama, a special concept, is an important constituent in the ayurvedic medicines that are meant for weight loss. Ama refers to the toxins which are nothing but impurities that get accumulated in human bodies as a result of chronic stress, improper diet and other environmental pollutants. The toxins which are soluble in water are the ones which are easier to terminate from body.

This can be done with the help of regular exercise and a proper diet. However, there are toxins which get stuck deep inside the fat cells, known as fat-soluble toxins. These fat cells keep expanding as they keep accumulating these toxins, thus, leading to weight gain. This is specially seen in the areas around the thighs, stomach and hips.

The techiniques used in Ayurveda aim at removing ama by shrinking the fat cells. The older one gets higher go the chances of having ama in the body. However, if a person follows detox programs and daily healthy habits, he or she can most certainly remove these toxins and they are removed from the roots before they can turn into a chronic issue.

Before one makes efforts to find the right ayurvedic medicine forweight loss, it is best to make sure of one thing. One should determine the presence of the toxins in body. Once it has been established as to what toxins are accumulated in your body, you will be in a better position to decide on the ayurvedic medicine.

Herbal supplements form part of ayurvedic medicine and these can be of great benefit in weight control. These supplements are generally free from any negative side effects of conventional drugs. Diet therapy alone is many times incapable of bringing significant changes and hence ayurvedic medicine becomes a necessity. As already mentioned, the defective metabolism is corrected by the ayurvedic medicines. Once the metabolism gets in shape, it becomes easier to shed and maintain the weight eventually.

Below are few herbalsupplements that can be taken for weight loss.
  1. Takrarishta, a fermented preparation made with butter milk, along with guduchi, musta, devadaru, honey and triphala. 
  2. A formulation of the powder of amalaka and yava and amalaka is considered quite effective in most scenarios.
  3. Juice of Agnimathaalong with Shilajita is a good forumlation.
  4. You can also consider taking honey early in the morning every day.
Another option could be taking powder of Sunthi, Vidanga, Yavakshara, Aamalaki Yava, and Loha Bhasma.

Each one of these recommendations are going to help you shed those extra kilos. They are definitely useful even when taken individually. However, they are most effective when taken in combinations as specified above. These combinations, when taken regularly, not only help in losing weight but also ensure that you are able to keep that extra flab off at all times.

There are other more complex combinations that can also be treated as ayurvedic medicines for weight loss. Detox tea is one such formulation. Detox tea comprises of a combination of various ingredients which are meant to improve the digestion, help in breaking down fat more efficiently and unclogging the channels in our body with the removal of ama.

Another combination could be that of cumin, coriander and fennel. When the whole seeds of all these three spices are added to water and boiled for around five minutes, you will be left with a concoction once the seeds are strained out of the liquid.

However, it is important to make it a point to follow it up with strict diet and a workout regime. A wholesome approach towards weightloss will always be helpful.

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