How Power Yoga Helps Fight Difficult Weight

Power yoga is a term we often get to come across with these days. What is it exactly? Is it any different from the traditional yoga? What is its methodology? What are its benefits? We would deal with all these questions in this article at length. 
Powder Yoga for Weight Loss
Power yoga is a modern way of yoga that is modeled on the traditional framework of Hatha Yoga of the East. It includes vigorous movements and is most focused on fitness. Power yoga for weight loss involves much more workout than that involved in traditional yoga. It is primarily based on Hatha Yoga, however, its movements and poses may widely vary from the former. A lot of sweating occurs in the process and calories burn more rapidly than ever. Hence, most of the times people who wish to lose weight as fast as possible usually take it up. The result is a more flexible and leaner body. There are various reasons why power yoga is quite efficient in weight loss.
Weight Loss Yoga

1. Increases metabolism rate
  • Due to increased pace of movements, the extra activity causes the metabolism of the body to pick up pace. This leads to not just the digestive system picking up pace, but also get rid of many other problems related to food indigestion.
  • A high metabolism rate determines the extent of acidic content in your stomach which in turn is directly proportional to the speed with which you digest the food you took in your system. The faster the rate of metabolism, the lesser the storage of fats in your system will be.

2. Keeps your heart healthy
  •  Due to increased rate of movements and their vigor in power yoga, your blood circulation increases considerably. This increases the need of blood in the entire body, to match which the heart pumps more blood to every part of the body. Hence, this helps in improving the cardiovascular system without putting extra pressure on the body. Not just that, it also helps in maintaining the body heat at an optimum level.   

3. Improves the working of gastrointestinal tract
  • The poor the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is, so is the digestive system of the body. Various exercises that help in stretching the stomach and bending the back improve the functioning of the stomach and liver. This improves the functioning of both and hence improves digestion facilitating a better out-throw of toxins and undesirable material off the body. In addition, it reduces the fats on the belly.
  • The 3 types of bandhas (locks) help in maintaining and retaining the vital force in human body. These locks increase vitality and help in toning up the abs.

4. Brings flexibility and suppleness to the system
  • In today’s fast-paced life, developing problems like cervical and slip disc have become common. They are caused due to weight gain or lack of movements in that particular body part. Various back-bending exercises and stretching exercises in power yoga help in bringing movement and hence flexibility to the spinal cord and reducing fat deposits of the body which further helps in maintaining a healthy body. Hence problems like joint pains, back pains, cervical and so forth can be easily dealt with and cured by power yoga.  

5. Adds strength to body and mind
  • All the poses of power yoga are, to varying degrees, muscular endurance exercises. When we think of such enduring exercises, we think they will make us tough. However, there is difference in being strong rather than hard, or tough. The power yoga postures involve exercises that include the workout of the muscles and build strength. They bring strength to out muscles, tissues and tendons bringing an overall strength in out musculoskeletal system.
  • It not only works on the body, but also involves mental steadiness and mindfulness. Exercises done with mindfulness result in lining up of the body, mind and spirit in such a way that leads to a healthier lifestyle that is beyond our imagination, with a leaner but stronger body.

6. Activates thyroid gland
  •  Most of the times, people put on weight due to malfunctioning of this gland that may lead to either of the two: hypo- or hyperthyrodism. Hypothyroidism leads to excessive weight gain. Thyroid problem usually occurs due to excessive stress due to which the secretion of thyroid suffers and leads to imbalance. Power yoga not only helps in combating it through exercises, but also leads to mental steadiness by reducing stress. This prevents any further hormonal imbalance and helps you lead a healthier life and maintain optimum body weight.  

Power Yoga

There are various posters in power yoga for weight loss that help in stretching and twisting on the waist. It improves the function of liver that further helps remove undesirable toxins from the body. Most of the toxins and pesticides are tightly held with fatty tissues of the body so their toxicity can be diluted.  When these toxins are removed, no need of fat cells remains in the body either and hence a healthier and leaner body results. 

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