Food for Weight Loss: Eating Right for Staying Fit

A trim person is considered to be fit, healthy and attractive. True that research often points out that those who weigh a little more than their required weight live longer than those who weigh less than the optimum weight as per their height, there is a reason why people consider weight loss as a way of bettering quality of life. From spending hours in the gym to grueling morning walks and what not, those who wish to remain healthy, spend a considerable time on their body. After all, it is in a healthy body that a healthy mind resides! The sad part is that it is not as simple to lose weight as simple as it seems.

There is a misconception amongst people that dieting can help them effectively lose weight within a time period of two to five months. That is why you see so many people hogging on all kinds of foods and drinks unless and until they are about to get married or have to attend some function. When the time for them on which they believe they have to look their best, they pick up dieting like a crash course for looking slimmer.


There are myriad reasons why people put on weight. There are also a number of different areas where they put on weight. For women, generally it is the thighs, hips and upper arms where they pile up kilos. Men often, on the other hand, suffer from pot bellies. So, what are some of the reasons for weight gain? It could be any of the following:
  1.  Stress: You probably blame a sedentary life style the most, but something even more dangerous is stress. A hormone known as cortisol is excessively released when your body is under stress. Increased level of cortisol can cause hunger pangs and cravings. This is why a number of people binge eat when they are stressed. 
  2. Little or No Exercise: Another culprit of those tiers that you see on your waist is lack of exercise in your daily routine. Keeping the metabolic rate up is essential to staying slim and fit. Those who keep sitting throughout the day develop a sluggish metabolism. When that happens, you automatically keep gaining weight. 
  3.  Heredity: Sometimes weight gain is your genes (a fact that you can’t help blaming). Because it is in your genes, it is also quite difficult to get rid of the weight if that’s the case. However, with requisite amount of effort, you can lose even the toughest kind of fat. 
The above mentioned are three main factors that cause weight gain. There are a number of other reasons why people complain of increase in their weight.


food for weight lossAsk any fitness expert and he or she will tell you that neither diet nor exercise can help you lose weight unless taken up together. However, in case you are overweight to exercise, you have to rely solely on diet for initially losing enough kilos so that your body can take the exertion that exercise can cause on your joints. Yes, there are certain foods that can help you lose up to two pounds a week; however, it is advised that you stick to gradual weight loss for retaining muscle. Believe me you, there is no single item that can be labeled as food for weight loss, but a healthy mix of things that can help you boost your metabolism. The following are a few weight loss foods that are known for their magical property of boosting enzymes in the body that help cut down weight as well as inches:
    Egg Protein
  1.  Apples: Filling, fibrous and loaded with anti-oxidants as well as minerals, apples are truly the best fruit ever! Begin your day with an apple or eat it as an evening snack for feeling full without loading up on carbs. 
  2. Eggs: Minus the yellow part, eggs are a treat! Egg white is recommended by almost every doctor and fitness expert if you are someone who wants to build muscle. A great source of protein, it is best eating boiled. 
  3. Oats: Healthy for the heart and extremely light on the stomach, oats are a wholesome food for weight loss. A number of people consume oats for a power packed breakfast. 
  4. Wild Salmon: For the non-vegetarians, there are a number of options in food, in case they are looking for weight loss. Wild salmon is just one of the innumerable foods that can be consumed for effective weight loss, and so does any other form of fish fat. 
  5. Almond Butter: This is probably the only kind of butter that you can eat without thinking twice in case you are you are targeting weight loss. Since almonds are rich in protein, this variety of butter is healthy. 
The listed fantastic five foods, including natural weight loss food, are a blast of energy apart from being rich in nutrients. The last word here is that, even weight loss foods must be taken in moderation. It is better to eat light and stay light! 

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